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Kir Henrici

Chief Executive Officer

Kir Henrici, CEO, of the Henrici Group, has been consulting domestically and internationally for 12 years in support of quality and compliance in Pharma and Biotech industries.


Kir’s immersive work in the area of holistic quality systems and data integrity remediation ignited a passion for building QMS interoperability in the context of culture, and a deep belief in the adoption of digital technology and data analytics as the foundation for quality management, business excellence, and life science innovation.

Kir is a member of PDA and ISPE, and currently serves as a member of the PDA Regulatory Affairs/Quality Advisory Board (RAQAB). Kir is also the Committee Chair for the 2022 PDA Data Integrity Workshop, and co-leads the PDA Task Force addressing data management, the PDA Data Integrity Interest Group, and the PDA technical team collaborating on the upcoming technical report addressing data integrity within the QMS.

SUNY Empire State College

Bachelor of Science – 1994

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